Sidemount Hose Kit

All that you need to set up your Sidemount system.
The Halcyon Sidemount Hose Kit Contains the following hoses:

– two 15″ inflator Hoses for drysuit and bcd inflation

– 7″ LP Primary Regulator Hose

– 32″ LP Alternate Air Source Regulator Hose

– two 6″ HP Hoses

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All Halcyon hoses are cut, pressed and individually bubble-checked to ensure that you get the best quality and most reliable dive hoses on the market.
Halcyon hoses are the only hose commercially available scuba diving hose that are individually inspected and bubble checked to insure that there are no leaks in the rubber or the brass crimping, which could ruin a dive through a catastrophic gas failure either due to hose rupture or failure of the crimping.