About Us


Dive Distributions is a company specialized in the distribution of products related to the world of diving.

We bet on those brands that have a differential value, either because of the high quality of their products, their innovative philosophy or those that represent a revolution in the market.

We believe, use and bet daily on all the brands we represent, because they are also the ones that represent us.

Why choose us

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Experts in Diving

At Dive Distributions we are also divers. We know first-hand the scuba diving market and the characteristics of each brand.


We have a wide commercial network that allows us to represent the products at an international level, guaranteeing success in their sale.

Material Stock

We have a large stock of diving products to deliver customer orders in the shortest possible time.

After Sales Services

Our after-sales service allows us to carry out the necessary repairs with all the guarantees of the brand and reducing the delivery time.

Shipping Management

We work with the main courier companies to be able to make shipments by sea, air or land in the shortest possible time.


When necessary, we work side by side with the represented companies, participating from the creation of products to the development of the commercial strategy.

Our main brands


Halcyon is our flagship. A brand with an indisputable quality of which we are proud to represent and distribute the products practically throughout Europe.


Divertug is a recently created company that is breaking the rules of the game in the world of Scooters, and they have trusted us for the worldwide distribution of all their products.

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