The Importance of Fit and Comfort

In recent years, the sport of recreational scuba diving has drawn people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and, as it relates to this article, shapes & sizes. Divers are brought together through a common interest in exploring the underwater world. The sport offers a little bit of everything for everyone, from peace & tranquility to equipment-focused…

Explorer or Evolve as a Single Tank Wing

Halcyon BCs are carefully designed to minimize drag and maximize in-water stability. This superior function depends partly upon diving the appropriate-sized BC. For example, diving an Evolve double-tank BC on a single tank will be inefficient, reducing stability and increasing drag.

The Versatility of the Flare EXP

The Flare EXP is a great light for instructors, explorers, and anyone who embraces underwater efficiency. Whether you are a recreational or technical diver, instructor or explorer, the Flare EXP is a solidly constructed, compact, and bright light that will improve the quality of your diving experience.